‘Made me feel my home was important’

“I would like to share my delight and satisfaction after dealing with Vision 360, as the company reinstated my home after damage caused by the Christchurch earthquakes.

“From the outset, Ash made me feel that my home was important and that he would provide the information I needed to consider executing repair. His calm and professional manner was much appreciated.

“Throughout the repair process, if I had any queries, either my build manager or Ash were prompt to answer and were thorough with responses. They always assured me that no question was a silly question – and if further clarification was required “please ask”. All concerns I had along the way were either allayed or addressed. I have no hesitation in recommending Vision 360, Ash and his team.”

Donna Mita
William Brittan Drive

‘Vision 360 have been brilliant to work with’

“About 4 years ago, our family found ourselves in the incredibly stressful situation of discovering the lovely two-storey family house, we paid full market value for, was on a lean and required significant work to remedy. This kicked off many sleepless nights. Not only worries about the financial impact of this situation, but also how to work through the complex logistics surrounding how we could repair the house.

“In addition, we needed advice and support with fresh discussions with EQC, our bank & insurance. The team at Vision 360 have been brilliant to work with, helping alleviate our stress, providing a clear plan & solutions. They were very flexible and did everything possible to work within our needs, such as our tight time-frame and a few renovation improvements we decided to do at the same time.

“Vision 360’s experience, professional advice and support really helped us with successful negotiations with EQC, and then subsequently, with the government’s “on-sold” programme. We also appreciated the clear lines of communication, and prompt responses to changes that we decided along the way. We ended up with a family home that we love.

“Vision 360 has a customer-first approach, and we are thrilled to be able to recommend them to anyone thinking of a building project, be it small or large.”

Robin & Helen Willis
Ilam, Christchurch

‘Repairs completed in good time and well under budget’

“When we first engaged Vision360, we were in a really tough situation. We’d sold our house and bought another property but post sale inspections on the property we had just sold revealed significant historic earthquake damage. This would obviously need to be fixed before the sale could proceed and we had just five weeks. This left us in what seemed like an impossible bind, which inevitably caused a fair amount of anxiety.

“It was at that point that we contacted Ash from Vision360 who, thankfully, was able to explain the process that needed to happen in order to move forward clearly and carefully. This settled our nerves and provided us with the wisdom we didn’t have for this situation. He then helped lead us through the dynamic repair process in a way that was both helpful and accommodating.

“We ended up getting through the repair process without much drama at all. This included receiving a payout from EQC which, again, was made much easier because of Vision360’s historic relationship with EQC.

“We were amazed with and very thankful for the level of help Vision360 and especially Ash was able to provide. He set us up with engineers, quotes and a timeline, which suited us as a family down to the ground. (We have three kids under five, so this wasn’t straight forward).

“The final point of encouragement came when the repairs were completed in good time and well under budget. Thanks to Ash and Vision360, we’re now enjoying our new home and doing so confident in the fact that our previous home is in good order for the new owners.

“We can’t praise Vision360 highly enough and commend them to you strongly enough.”

John and Bex McGimpsey
Halswell, Christchurch

‘We are ecstatic at the result of our EQ repairs’

“We have just moved back into our home after extensive EQ repairs and renovations, the scale of which was almost a rebuild – no short order being a three-level home on the hill, and we are absolutely ecstatic at the result. We are extremely grateful that we were in the safe hands of Ash and the team at Vision 360, who understood right from the start how much we loved our home and the care and detail required to complete the job to our high expectations.

“The service offered throughout the project was genuine, even at the very start of the project whilst the plans were being conceived, the suggestions, recommendations and support on a number of great ideas and products were immensely valuable in developing the final solution. We would highly recommend this team for any such project.”

Karen and Brent Price
Cannon Hill